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The place people come to when they want kind, modern, innovative and reliable dog training. Specialising in behaviour modification/management and dependable obedience, Positive Plus is all about getting you and your dog to where you want to be.

However, only 47% of owners think training is necessary…

But the truth is that training helps to develop and strengthen the relationship between you and your dog, makes your dog safer in a public environment and develops social skills.

My name is Martin Briggs, I am a certified and fully approved instructor – Academy Of Dog Training & Behaviour (ADTB) and a member of the Association Of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT),  Dog trainingand I own & run Positive Plus Dog Training. We are based in East Grinstead, UK and provide the very best in basic/advanced obedience training as well as troubleshooting and reshaping problem behaviours, all within a friendly & relaxed environment. As a member of the Association Of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) you can be assured I use only the most modern techniques available. The APDT position statements can be found on their website >>here<<.

Positive Plus is based on knowledge, patience & respect and as such, we promote training that is based on mutual trust. We use the latest reward based training methods along side a unique, holistic plan that will address and improve the relationship and bond you have with your dog. We will also teach you how to communicate with your dog in a natural way that they understand and even how to utilise distractions to further improve your dog’s obedience!

This innovative style of training was developed to create a systematic method for troubleshooting problems and designing effective short and long-term management plans for dealing with the most difficult dog behavioural and training issues.

Our Methods.

We only use the latest kind, scientifically supported & modern training techniques. This however, is only part of the package, because we also have a holistic approach to training. In addition to the obedience training, we will teach you how to correctly read your dog’s body language, what you should be doing to communicate effectively with your dog and how diet can affect behaviour. We will also show you how to satisfy your dog’s genetic, breed specific instincts, as this should play a major role in any training and/or behaviour modification (but is often misunderstood or even completely overlooked). It is this holistic approach that allows us to teach you to get the best from your dog, by improving the relationship you have with them. We are experts at reading dog body language and will never overwork your dog or make the training sessions stressful. All of our dogs remain playful, have a wagging tail and get excited to see us!

Whilst mild behavioural issues can usually be addressed as we go along, severe behavioural issues will normally require a short-term management plan, to cover the interim, whilst we address the owner-dog relationship and complete the obedience programme. This is because we believe that a trusting relationship and reliable obedience (which gives you the ability to ask for a preferred behaviour) is key to reducing stress and confusion whilst reshaping/modifying your dog’s behaviour.


dog training respect


Dogs are living creatures that experience anxiety, pain and fear. At Positive Plus we always treat our students (canine & human) with respect. We don’t use any harsh corrections or intimidation.

dog training patience

Some dogs learn more quickly than others and expecting too much, too soon, can cause stress. Our training is flexible, allowing us to make it easy and fun.

dog training confidence

In order for your dog to follow your commands, especially within difficult environments, it is vital you are calm & confident. We will teach you, through preparation and practice how to achieve this.

reliable dog training

We teach obedience training to a standard that is reliable around the biggest distractions. You will not need to bribe/distract your dog with treats – only reward.

Basic Obedience With Zero/Minimal Distraction

This short video demonstrates some basic obedience, indoors, with little/no distraction.

It includes:



‘place’ (with distraction)

‘free’ (release from command)

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