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Need Help...?

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Your dog pulls on the lead and drags you down the street
  • Your dog is great at home but barks and lunges at other dogs on the walk
  • Do you have a puppy that bites you, jumps up, and isn’t properly toilet-trained yet?
  • Do you wish your dog would just listen to you? Even around distractions!
Wouldn’t you rather have a dog you can trust, so that they can have more freedom in and out of the house?
It doesn’t matter whether you have a dog with current behaviour problems or a puppy you need to train, we can help.

Would you like a dog that:

  • Walks nicely by your side, on a loose-lead, around dogs and other distractions
  • Greets guests politely and doesn’t barge through doorways
  • Is well-mannered around the home & family
  • Comes when called, first time
  • Listens to you and what you want, even around distractions!

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Aggression Towards Other Dogs

Is it driving you crazy that you can’t go for a walk without your dog barking & lunging at every other dog you see? Wouldn’t you like to be able to go for a nice, relaxed walk, on a loose lead? It’s possible! Because we see this a lot, we have plenty of experience in turning your nightmare walk into the walk of your dreams.

Chewing And Destruction

Does your dog destroy everything when you leave the house? Would you like to be able to trust your dog home alone and not return to what looks like a crime scene? Whether you have a puppy chewing or an adult dog with major destructive behaviour we can come over, work out why it’s happening and how to fix it.

Selective Hearing

Does your dog only listen to you when it suits them? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dog that listens to you? Every time. Even in the park. We can help you better understand canine psychology and how dogs learn, so your best friend will choose to pay attention to you, even around distractions.

Puppy Problems

Do you have a new puppy that is cute but exasperating?! Toilet training, chewing, nipping, jumping, separation anxiety… the list goes on! Would you benefit from programs that make all of it much easier? We can help show you how to raise your puppy the right way, so they grow into a happy, confident adult dog.

 Great Support & Knowledge

After re-homing a 5 month delightful Cocker Spaniel we contacted Martin to help and support us with a few issues that she came with. Martin’s vast knowledge and insight was a great help to us and even after a couple of sessions we can see a great benefit to her behaviour and she certainly is turning into a well behaved and balanced puppy. Thank you Martin for all your help and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you, or call you up in future!

– Joanna Morfield, Oxted


– Mags & Alec, Dormansland

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Dog trainingIn Home Lessons – We Come To You

If you’re in or around the East Grinstead area then you can book lessons at your home to suit you. This initially allows your dog to work in a less distracting environment, but as training progresses we can train at other local & convenient locations.

Proven Formula For Success

It’s important to us that you get the results you’re after and we have a variety of programs designed to achieve you goals. By working together, you and your dog can create a partnership for success.

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