How To Train Your Dog Without Food Treats

Teaching & Proofing Dog obedience training basically falls into two categories: teaching and proofing. Teaching is where you teach your dog a behaviour or movement and attach a word (command/cue) to that movement so that you can ask for it on request. Proofing is when you take that previously taught […]

Positive Plus Dog Training

dog training

Premack Principle

Premack Principle suggests that if a dog wants to perform a given activity, the dog will perform a less desirable activity to get at the more desirable activity; that is, activities may themselves be reinforcers. This is also known as Grandma’s Law – you can have your pudding once you’ve eaten your […]

Dog Recall

I had an email today from someone asking me for tips regarding getting their dog back to the car after an off-lead walk. I thought it would make a good blog post so here is my response: “Thanks for your message. The obvious answer is improved recall but I suspect you’ve […]

dog training

Dog training tips : digging

Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips : Digging Up The Garden Someone asked me the other day why their dog was always digging up their garden despite giving them plenty of exercise (45/60min walk twice a day). Well, your dog (along with everyone else’s dog) has an ancestry that links them back to […]