Useful Links

Goughs Pet Store, East Grinstead

“Goughs has been established for 61 years. For the last 33 years it has been run by Roger, Pat and Beki. As a small family business we try to offer a friendly, knowledgable service to all our customers.”

Get Weekly Pro Tips, 24/7 Access To Health Guides, Video Training and Tools to help you give your dog the best shot at a LONG and healthy life.

Dog Club – Internet Dog Directory

Online directory of dog services & products.

The Good Dog Guide

For all things dog friendly!

Is Your Dog In Pain?

A useful guide from


Dr. Ian Dunbar talking about Social Hierarchy in dogs

How dogs learn!

The difference between classical and operant conditioning – vital information if you have behaviour you need to modify

Stop The 77! – How Safe Is Your Family? – One to watch if you have a dog & children!

77% of bites come from a family’s or friend’s dog (and can be avoided)

Dog Body Language – What Your Dog Is Desperately Trying To Tell You!

Can Dogs Sense Emotion? BBC Horizon

Can Dogs Tell The Time? BBC Documentary

(Make your own mind up about this one!)

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