Basic Obedience With Minimal/Zero Distraction

This short video demonstrates some basic obedience, indoors, using treats as a distraction. It includes:



‘place’ (with distraction)

‘free’ (release from all commands)

Ebi – Off Lead Heel

Notice that I don’t need to hide any treats in my left hand for Ebi to follow. She does though, of course, get them at the end :)

Off Lead Heel with distraction video coming soon!

Ebi – Off Lead Obedience

Recall and Sit/Stay with distraction.
Ebi’s raison d’etre is to chase things. Anything!
She is also obsessed with balls. So I decided to make a video with Ebi practising off lead obedience with a ball as a distraction.

Chester – Come, Sit, Down & Free

This is Chester, a very energetic 6 month Cocker Spaniel doing a quick Recall & Sit/Down/impulse control demo.

Orla – Learning Heel

Look at her focus – paying attention and maintaining a good position, all without having to ‘follow’ a treat. Instead, a reinforcement/continuation marker is used throughout – she gets the treat at the end though :)

William – Recall Drill

A short video demonstrating Distraction Training within Recall. We usually use “Come” as the command for recall but William has previously learnt “Here” so we are using that instead.

Alfie – Walking On A Loose Lead

Does your dog pull? Don’t despair!!
With a bit of time and consistent practice, you could have them walking like a pro :)

Alfie – ‘Climb’ command

This video shows Alfie practising the ‘climb’ command. This command helps to develop impulse control in a way that is easy for your dog to understand. You can try pulling them (gently) off the board and they’ll resist – even towards their favourite treats/toy etc. This is another of the innovative techniques that we use to help improve reliabilty.


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